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Endless Reality

Explore many worlds in this classical tactical RPG. · By Hackerguild


Recent updates

New Release - 1.0.2-REL
Fixed issues where button mashing would let you control entities you shouldn't, causing crashes or softlocks. Added basic retro snes controller support Fixed a...
6 files — 1.0.2-REL
New Release - 1.0.1-REL
Few bug fixes in 1.0.1: Fixed a bug where AIOps would overwrite other lua tables (would cause crashes fighting Leviathan) Fixed being able to walk underneath ho...
6 files — 1.0.1-REL
Endless Reality finally released!
Final version is now released! Bit of a retrospective can be found here ...
6 files — 1.0.0-REL
Endless Reality Preorders!
Preorders are available for both the game on and the soundtrack on bandcamp! Steam will have to wait till release, but the plan is to release there too...
6 files — 1.0.0-CAN5
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